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Action strategy for professional real estate management in Belarus

he project entitled "Action strategy for sustainable strengthening of networks and associations for the development of professional real estate management" was started in mid-September 2014 as part of the German aid program for Belarus 2014-2016. It is already the sixth project successfully kicked off and steered by IWO with support from the International Education and Exchange program (IBB - Dortmund, Minsk).

Although a very high share of residents in Belarus own the apartment they live in, real estate management and housing maintenance are still state controlled. There are many unresolved issues: high subsidies for municipal services, a backlog of building refurbishment, as well as a grey rental market and a law prohibiting private professional property managers.

The current project aims to foster the reform process and improve the administration framework. On the one hand, specific advice for legislative and executive organs will improve the legal and institutional framework. On the other hand, municipal stakeholder councils receive advice to further policy dialogue with authorities.

Additionally, project activities will focus on homeowners and other civil society actors. Homeowners will be informed specifically and the education of managers will be professionalized. With the target to improve their image a competition for the best management will be initiated.

International Association for Real Estate Management (IVIM)

will develop and implement its own action strategy for sustainable strengthening of non-state actors as part of the project in the field of real estate management.



Tatjana Hartenstein
Tel: +49 30 20679802


09.2014 - 03.2016


International Education and Exchange (IBB - Dortmund), German aid program for Belarus 2014-2016

Project Management

Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO), Berlin

Project partners

International Association for Real Estate Management (IVIM), Minsk
Association of the housing cooperatives and homeowners associations "Homeowner in Mozyr“, Mozyr
Mogilev Ecological NGO „ENDO“, Chaussy
Belarussian State Technological University, Minsk


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