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Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO e.V.)Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO e.V.)

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Join us and support our work in the housing and urban development sectors in Eastern Europe - The Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe brings together professionals who have acquired profiund expertise in housing, social market economy and especially in the transformation of the housing industry in the new Federal States. Joimtly with our members, we help to make this expertise available to countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

In order to pursue this purpose optimally, IWO aims at a broad membership structure. Members should be active in the following areas:

  • Housing industry
    (Housing associations, residential communities, apartment owners management, housing trusts);
  • Technology, industry and trade
    (building envelop, roof, doors and windows, facade, heating, plumbing);
  • Energy industry
    (electricity, gas, water, heat) as well as
  • Banks and insurance companies
    (commercial banks, regional and investment banks, building associations, mortgage banks, property banks, credit institutions).

Members may also come from the fields of politics, public administration, research and development, services, education and training or other appropriate fields of study.

The association has full members as well as sustaining and honorary members.

Members of the association are natural and legal, internal and foreign persons as well as entities of authorities.

The admission of members is governed by the statutes. If you are interested in a membership, we look forward to you contacting Ms Saskia Lührs and our office.


Interested in supporting our work ...

… either as a member or otherwise? We're more than happy if you get in touch - email us at or call at +49 30 2067 9802. Saskia Lührs and our team look forward to your questions and concerns regarding a membership with IWO or other ways of supporting our work.

Have you made up your mind already and would like to join IWO as a member? All the better! You just need to download and fill in the applicable form below (Full Membership or Sustaining Membership) and send it via email to or fax to +49 30 2067 9804 to our office. Many thanks and welcome to IWO e.V.! 

Full (Active) Membership Form

Sustaining Membership Form

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