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National conference "Professional management of multi-family buildings", Astana

The National conference "Professional management of multi-family buildings - the key to energy savings," took place within the frame of the two-week seminar of the PPP project for the training of managers for building renovation at 05/15/2012 in the hotel "Peking Palace" in Astana.

The event was organized by the "Association of Administrative and Service Companies of Kazakhstan" and the UNDP/GEF project for energy efficiency in municipal heat supply with the official support of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for construction, - housing and communal economy. The goal of the conference was to support the market development of administrative and service companies.

The conference was devided into a plenary part and three working groups. Main topics of the discussions were the interaction of actors of the modernization of the housing industry, standards of the property management, and energy and resource savings in residential construction. Participants were members of parliament, heads of the competent authorities, managers, NGO representatives as well as experts from Germany, Russia and Uzbekistan.

Werner Merkel, presidium member of the Association of German property managers (DDIV) spoke in the plenum about the experiences of DDIV as a competent partner for the parliament and government in terms of management of residential property and the organization of political dialogue. This includes issues of energy efficiency. Bernard Schwarz, project manager in the IWO reported about the International Association for Real Estate Management (IVIM) from Belarus as a platform for sharing manager experiences in post-Soviet space, and invited to the 2nd International Conference in early October 2012 in Minsk. In their contribution to the discussion, the Kazakh participants were particularly talking about the ways to establish a framework for building renovations and the also the question "how of the manage different projects" was discussed. It is crucial, that among the former tenants the owner awareness for the community property is being developed. Also the results of pilot projects for energy efficiency of the UNDP were presented as positive.

After the plenary discussion, the German experts participated in the working group to develop recommendations for establishment of the legal framework of manager activities. In the definition of competencies, too, came to light a lack of practical experience of manager and inconsistency by the determination of their responsibilities.

As a result of the National Conference, the participants agreed on recommendations for increase of the professionalism of property management. These refer to the local administrations, residential condominiums, the association of management companies, and the mass media. A novelty is the forced rental housing designated by the government , which has already generated demand for information on German know-how in the field of housing assistance.


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