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Pro House looks back on a busy and fruitful 2018 - and forward to 2019

Pro House Newletter No. 3 in EN and RU

A very busy summer and autumn lies behind the partners of the EU-funded Pro House project; many workshops, conferences and round tables have taken place since August and we’d like to dedicate our 3rd project newsletter (open by clicking on the picture) to looking back on the various events and actions. It’s been a successful year and we strive to continue in the same way in 2019, when the Pro House project is due to be concluded.

Season's greetings and have a good start into the new year - and please stay tuned and interested in our activities in the Central Asian countries also in 2019.


12th Urban Forum in Vilnius on 22 Nov 2018 featured IWO’s EUKI-funded action on urban development

Photo: Lietuvos urbanistinis forumas

Opening with international keynotes from Denmark, Netherlands and Albania on 21 Nov, the 12th Lithuanian Urban Forum took place until 22 Nov in Vilnius. This year’s leading topic was Lithuania’s Master Plan along with the country’s strategies regarding sustainable urban development and policies. Jointly with our Lithuanian partners at BETA, IWO proudly contributed to the programme with a designated panel on urban planning and a focus on energy efficiency and energy savings urban areas. The panel on 22 Nov with experts from Lithuania and Germany stressed that urban areas and neighboorhoods are a major level of action for urban development where significant success can be achieved in improving energy efficiency as well as environment and living quality. Find out more on the Urban Forum (in Lithuanian only) and our project.


5 of 8 training seminars in EUKI-funded action on urban development accomplished

Tweet on 21 Nov 2018 by EUKI_Twitter

At Vilnius municipality, the 5th seminar in the EUKI-funded project Training of Managers for Urban Redevelopment in Lithuania gathered representatives of 20 Lithuanian municipalities on 21 Nov 2018 to learn and exchange about measures and challenges for increasing energy efficiency in buildings and urban areas. The interactive seminar day was complemented by a panel session organised as part of the project at the 12th Lithuanian Urban Forum on 22 Nov. EUKI's Twitter channel followed the training.


International Conference on Housing Cooperatives in Kyiv finishes a success


At the two-day symposium on housing cooperatives as a model for managing complex energy refurbishments in multi-family buildings in Ukraine on 12-13 November 2018, speakers from Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Austria, Poland, U. S. A., and Germany presented the cooperative housing model from their country - they outlined how the model has contributed to urban renewal, and how it is helping to implement energy conservation measures. The event took place in conjunction with UNECE’s Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development. The conference concluded with a joint statement on the future of cooperative housing in Ukraine which is also published online. Find out more at CHI's webpage and here.


IWO and State Fund for Youth Housing Construction in Ukraine agree on cooperation

Serhii Komnatnyi (State Fund) and Knut Höller (IWO) at the signing of the agreement on 11 Nov in Kyiv. Photo: State Fund

On 11 November 2018, a Memorandum on partnership and cooperation between IWO and the designated financial institution “State Fund for Support of Youth Housing Construction” was signed in Kyiv by the Chairman of the Fund’s Board Serhii Komnatnyi and IWO’s director Knut Höller. The parties agreed to cooperate through building reliable contacts and establishing a continious exchange of information, joint events and international projects. more


2nd European Summer School on Housing finishes a success

Foto: EBZ

Between 16 and 20 July 2018, the second edition of the Summer School for young housing professionals from all over Europe took place in Bochum/Germany. It focussed on "New Challenges for Affordable Housing in Europe" and facilitated a common perspective on the different questions, situations and approaches to affordable housing that exist in different European countries. Find out more here (English report soon available).

Like in the previous year, IWO teamed up with EBZ, EFL and Housing Europe in the organisation of the European Summer School. The third edition to take place in 2019 will soon be in the making - we'll keep you posted...


Housing Europe and IWO team up for better housing in Eastern Europe

Cédric Vanstyvendael, President of Housing Europe, and IWO's Managing Director Knut Höller, 8 June 2018. Photo: IWO

At the General Assembly of Housing Europe on 8 June 2018, Housing Europe and IWO announced their formal Partnership. The two organisations have been cooperating for more than two years and now sustantiate their collaboration. IWO participates in the Ad-hoc Working Group on "Housing Systems in Transition" - an initiative by Housing Europe which kicked off in November 2017 - and attended the 2nd meeting of the group held by Housing Europe on 6 June 2018 in Tallinn. IWO is proud to be Partner of Housing Europe from today. We look forward to joining forces and efforts with Housing Europe and its members on improving the housing situation in Eastern Europe. more

HOME project successfully completed in early 2018

After three years of targeted actions and events, the multi-country project HOME - Empowering grass root homeowners’ associations in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine - funded by the EU and led by IWO - was successfully completed in early 2018. We look back onto a very productive and focused cooperation within the project and thank all partners and supporters! ... more


We are EUKI - First Conference of the European Climate Initiative on 21-22 February 2018 in Berlin

Photo: GIZ (Stephan Röhl)

On 21 and 22 February 2018, the first network conference for EUKI, the European Climate Initiative, was held in Berlin with the Bulgarian EU Council Presidency in attendance. Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks and Bulgaria's Deputy Environment Minister Atanaska Nikolova welcomed representatives of 22 climate action projects from almost every EU member state, among them IWO and Beta representatives who jointly implement the EUKI-funded project Training for Managers of Urban Redevelopment in Lithuania. The purpose of the EUKI annual conferences is to facilitate exchange of good practices regarding implementation of the Paris Agreement in Europe and to encourage networking among representatives of NGOs, think tanks, the scientific community and industry associations. more


Hitting the Road – EUKI training actions on integrated urban redevelopment kick off in Lithuania

Photo: IWO (boulevard in Kaunas)

Kicking off the training actions of the EUKI-funded project Training for Managers of Urban Redevelopment in Lithuania, partners IWO and Beta organised a roadshow of information events addressed to Lithuanian municipalities between 12 and 15 February 2018. Stopping at Klaipeda, Kaunas and Vilnius, the event series served to present the training programme developed as part of the bilateral project for qualifying ‘Managers for Urban Redevelopment’ in Lithuania and invite interested Lithuanian municipalities to apply for participating in the training. The hands-on vocational training is the key activity the Lithuanian-German project which strives to reach 20 out of the 60 municipalities in Lithuania to start with. The call for applications will close on 28 February and the first introductory seminar on 20/21 March will be the first of eight two-day seminars. German insar consult, who are experts for spatial planning, architecture and regional development, will lead the training. The final roadshow event in Vilnius was also well attended and received by national and local media. more


German-Ukrainian Efficient House: Resolution sent to deciders and stakeholders in Ukraine

In a joint resolution, the project partipants and representatives from the 20 pilot buildings of the German-Ukrainian Efficient House project address demands and requirements regarding future energy-efficient refurbishment of residential buildings to the responsible political bodies in Ukraine. The Resolution was sent to respective deciders and stakeholders around the turn of the year and is the major outcome of the second annual project meeting on 2 Dec 2017 in Zaporozhye dedicated to the topic "On the way to complex energy-efficient refurbishments of multi-family buildings". The project meeting was organised back-to-back with the international conference 'Professional Housing Management. On the Way to Ownership!'. more about the resolution


'Professional Housing Management. On the Way to Ownership!' - International conference and project seminar early December 2017 in Zaparozhye

Internationale Konferenz in Zaporozhye © Foto G. Kalionov, IVIM, Belarus

On 1 December 2017, the international conference 'Professional Housing Management. On the Way to Ownership!' took place in Zaporozhye as part of two projects: HOME – Empowering grass-root homeowners associations in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine co-funded by the EU, and German-Ukrainian Efficient House Pilot Project funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and supported by Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine. The conference was well received and attended by more than 160 participants. The following day, the second annual meeting of representatives from the 20 pilot buildings in the 'German-Ukrainian Efficient House' project took place also in Zaporozhye and was dedicated to the topic "On the way to complex energy-efficient refurbishments of multi-family houses”. One of the key outcomes from the seminar was the adoption of a joint resolution in which the project participants formulate demands and requirements for the future energy-efficient refurbishment of residential buildings and address these to the responsible political bodies in Ukraine. more


EU Supports Housing Management Development in Tashkent and Astana

On 15 and 16 November 2017, workshops in Tashkent and Astana on ‘Housing Management: How to represent the interests of professional housing managers and the real-estate sector effectively’ will feature German and local experts in the field and address Business Intermediary Organisations (BIOs) and other stakeholders in the Uzbek respectively Kazakh housing sector. The event is organized by the Pro House project with financial support of the European Union. For more information, please refer to the Media Advisories on Tashkent (English and Russian) and Astana (English and Russian) respectively.


One out of 22 - EUKI awards and supports new IWO project in Lithuania

The project Training of Managers for Urban Redevelopment in Lithuania, jointly implemented by IWO and Lithuania's State Agency for Housing and Energy Efficiency BETA from October 2017 until February 2020, is one of the first 22 projects awarded and supported by the new European Climate Initiative EUKI of the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB). The project's goal is to develop, implement and establish a hands-on vocational training of Managers for Urban Redevelopment in Lithuania. The action sets out to reach one third of the 60 Lithuanian municipalities to start with. Participants of the training will also be provided guidance and assistance in drafting urban redevelopment concepts with regard to their respective municipalities. This way, the project directly follows the focus on an integrated approach in urban (re)development recently settled by the Lithuanian government.


Habitat for Humanity blog on the German-Ukrainian Efficient House Pilot Project

Learn about news and concerns of the German-Ukrainian Efficient House Pilot Project in a blog by IWO project director Larissa Schreckenbach recently published at Habitat for Humanity's website (in English, blog opens upon clicking the left picture).


Pro efficient housing management in Central Asia – PRO HOUSE Kick-Off Conference on the occasion of Expo 2017 in Astana

This year’s Expo in Kazakhstan’s capital served as the perfect occasion and setting to hold the Kick-Off Conference of IWO’s most recent project 'PRO HOUSE - Professional Housing Management in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan' on 11 July 2017 in Astana. Discussions and topics of the conference were continued and extended the next day at the German Energy Dialogue’s Panel 'Energy-efficient buildings'. IWO’s Executive Board Member Knut Höller moderated the panel, which deciders and experienced experts from the realms of different countries’ politics and economics contributed to with presentations and in discussions. more

From Building to Neighbourhoods - Energy-Efficient Refurbishment in Lithuania

For sustainably and effectively refurbishing buildings and increasing their energy efficiency, a holistic approach is required. Instead of separate individual measures, coordinated measures complementing one another are strategically combined and implemented. The integration of building refurbishments in a comprehensive concept for a whole neighbourhood’s redevelopment is even more beneficial in terms of improving housing conditions, saving energy and increasing energy efficiency. This way, adjacent and connected infrastructure and neighbouring buildings are included in refurbishment. Lithuania attaches great importance to a comprehensive approach for redeveloping neighborhoods for achieving an energy-efficient building stock; the topic moves up on the political agenda, not least due to the Lithuanian-German project "Energy-efficient redevelopment of urban areas in Lithuania". It was started in 2015 with financial support of the Federal Environmental Ministry's (BMUB) Advisory Assistance Programme (AAP/BHP) and successfully completed with a high-level Closing Conference on 30 June 2017 in the National Library in Vilnius. more

A European Perspective on Housing - Summer School for Young Professionals on 21 - 25 August 2017 in Bochum

The European Education Centre for Housing and Real Estate (EBZ), Housing Europe and the European Federation for Living (EFL) are inviting young professionals in housing to participate at their first Summer School on 21 - 25 August 2017 in Bochum (Germany). IWO supports this excellent and exciting initiative and partners with EBZ, Housing Europe and EFL in the programme, moderating day 1 and 2.

For registration and/or more information please refer to EBZ's event side ( For any queries on the summer school, please feel free to contact Ms Susanne Juranek at +49 234 9447-558 or


Housing and Housing Management in Georgia - HOME project moving ahead

The project 'HOME - The way forward for reforms in the housing sector: Empowering grass-root homeowners associations in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine‘ is moving ahead. In May 2017, important expert workshops and meetings were organised in Georgia in close cooperation with the local project partners. more

Promising intermediate status - German-Ukrainian Efficient House Pilot Project

Partnering with the German Energy Agency (dena) and participants of the "Energy Efficiency Initiative Ukraine", IWO e.V. has been working on increasing energy efficiency in Ukrainian multi-family buildings and preparing the fundamental basis for a national support program to help deliver required refurbishments of housing since 2016. IWO's main role and responsibility in the project is building and maintaining a comprehensive and reliable network of professional contacts to relevant stakeholders, providing detailed research and reporting regarding relevant topics and managing the dialogue with all local stakeholders. Moreover, IWO assists and supports various PR and communication measures in the project. more

For the sixth time in an international setting – IVIM Conference 2016 on 'Initiatives for Developing a Training System for Real Estate Managers' in Minsk

Training for real estate managers and improved information services for apartment owners in the Eastern European region – these were the core topics organisers and participants addressed at the Sixth International IVIM conference on 9 November 2016 in the Belarussian capital of Minsk. Representatives from nine countries reported and discussed about framework conditions, challenges and solutions. more information

IWO e.V. supports consulting infrastructure for EU funding in EBZ Bochum

Funding of the European Union is available to all sectors. Nevertheless there is only a small percentage of applications from the housing and real estate industry. The opportunities seem to be unknown and the application procedure too complicated. Therefore, the EBZ - European Education Centre of the Housing and Real Estate Industry in cooperation with the GdW. more information

Green management in cities – experience of the project partners

On 23 March 2016 an information seminar on the cooperative city management in Belarus, Germany and Latvia within the project COMMA (communication and management in cities of Belarus) was held in Mogilev, Belarus. Experts from IWO and the administration of the Latvian city Jelgava shared their experiences in involving the public in municipal management. more information

Workshop on the development of a professional real estate management in Minsk

On 3 March 2016, a final workshop of the project was held in Minsk on the development and implementation of the action plan for the sustainable strengthening of the cooperation of regional and national networks and associations to develop a professional property management in Belarus. The project was co-financed by the Belarus Promotion Programme from the German government. more information

Delegation from Turkmenistan for training in Berlin

Within the EU-funded project “Support to the introduction of Sustainable Development policies – Rational Use of Natural Resources in the Energy-Environment Sectors in Turkmenistan” a delegation of 13 participants from Turkmenistan visited Berlin
from 14 - 19 February 2016. more information

"Increasing accountability of homeowners and professional skills of housing managers" - topic of the VII International Conference of the International Association for Real Estate Management (IVIM) in Minsk.

The VII International IVIM Conference in Minsk dedicated to the topic "Increasing accountability of homeowners and professional skills of housing managers" took place in Minsk on 11 November 2015 and brought together participants from European countries and from the countries of the former Soviet Union. Deputy Amnassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Dr. Holger Rapior and Vice-Minister of Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Belarus Gennadiy Trubilo opened the conference. more information

International conferences UNDP / GEF in Astana

The conference „Promoting design and construction of energy efficient residential buildings in Kazakhstan“ on 4 November 2015 concluded the 5 years lasting project "Energy Efficient Design and Construction of Residential Buildings". The second conference on 5 November 2015 was the start of the new project UNDP/ GEF "Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions for Low-Carbon Urban Development", which will be carried out from 2015 until 2019 in Kazakhstan. more information

IWO cooperates with UNDP Kazakhstan

The cooperation with UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Kazakhstan has a long tradition, its beginning dates back to 2011, the beginning of the German-Kazakh training project in the field of energy-efficient refurbishment of buildings. IWO and its member IPB.B GmbH had several consulting assignments from UNDP 2012 - 2014. Together with UNDP IWO carried out several training courses for Kazakh housing managers in Kazakhstan and in Germany in 2015. In November 2015, IWO and its members participated in two international conferences organized by UNDP/ GEF (Global Environment Facility) in Astana: "Promoting design and construction of energy efficient residential buildings in Kazakhstan" and "Transition to Low-Carbon Urban Development: Global trends and Prospects for Kazakhstan and Central Asia ". more information

What you need for a wide-scale energy efficient refurbishment of residential buildings in Ukraine?

Participants of the conference "Wide-scale energy efficient refurbishment of residential buildings. What do you need for it?", which took place in Kiev on 10 September 2015, discussed the solutions to this issue and the latest development in the housing sector in Ukraine. During the conference Ukrainian experts exchanged their experiences with experts from Germany, Latvia and Lithuania. The conference marked the end of a long-term series of seminars, round tables and meetings of stakeholders within the project "Energy efficiency in residential buildings - establishment of homeowner’s associations” (2012-2015), which was funded by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation. more information

Workshop on energy efficient urban renewal in Lithuania

From 9 until 10 July 2015 a workshop on preparation for energy efficient redevelopment of urban quarters took place in Šiauliai (Lithuania). The workshop was the kick-off event of the project “Energy efficient renewal of urban areas in Lithuania”, funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety. more information

Efficiency and sustainability in the housing sector: exchange between partners is necessary and possible

On 7 July 2015 the kick-off conference of the EU project "Com Managing Municipality (COMMA) - Communication and Management for citizen participation in local government in Belarus" (2015-2018) took place in Minsk. more information

Interview with the Head of the expert group Knut Hoeller
"Cities in constant change"

In interview with Focus talks Knut Hoeller, since January 2015 Head of the expert group "Urban Infrastructure" about planned events and topics for the current year and current challenges of the energy, water, waste and recycling management.
Publisher: Eastern Association of German Business
Issue 04/05 2015 
(available in German only)

Workshop series: Strategies for sustainable urban development

IWO will run a series of workshops in cooperation with its Ukrainian partners: "Shared responsibility for residential buildings: Setting up a strategy for sustainable urban development with a focus on energy efficiency in buildings”, March and April 2015. more information

Knut Hoeller will moderate expert meetings on urban infrastructure

With the beginning of the year 2015 Knut Hoeller will moderate the expert discussions on "Urban Infrastructure" by the the Eastern Europe Business Association of Germany, to further the exchange between stakeholders. Four dates are envisaged for 2015. (available in German only)

Action strategy for professional real estate management in Belarus

The project entitled "Action strategy for sustainable strengthening of networks and associations for the development of professional real estate management" was started in mid-September 2014 as part of the German aid program for Belarus 2014-2016.
more information


Achieved goals - Dialogue continues

On 16 and 17 July 2014 final events were carried out in Minsk within the framework of the project “Support to emerging multi-level governance in Belarus: capacity building for sustainable housing“. more information


How can Ukraine begin to modernize its housing stock as soon as possible ?

On 12 and 13 May 2014 a seminar took place in Lviv as part of the German-Ukrainian project “Energy efficiency in residential buildings – founding of home owner associations”. more Information


Chausy (Belarus) and Guben (Germany) have signed a partnership agreement

The partnership agreement was signed on 4 April 2014 at the German-Belarusian city partnership conference in Frankfurt (Oder). more information


Sustainable housing in Ukraine: Promoting local development and the role of non-state actors

The project ‘Sustainable Housing in Ukraine’ started in February 2014. It is funded by the EuropeAid programme and has the duration of 2.5 years. more informatiom



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