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Инициатива Жилищное хозяйства в Восточной Европе (ИВО)Инициатива Жилищное хозяйства в Восточной Европе (ИВО)

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SOL - Solarenergie für Mehrfamilienhäuser in Litauen

Photo: IWO e.V.

Of all countries in the European Union, Lithuania has one of the highest energy poverty rates. The use of renewable energies bears a significant potential not only in terms of energy-efficient refurbishment and modernisation of buildings, but particularly also to help mitigate energy poverty issues. Germany draws on proven methods and profound expertise regarding the use and integration of renewable energies in energy-efficient refurbishment of buildings which can be of major use for the project and goal. As part of the ongoing restructuring programme by the Lithuanian government, a large number of buildings across the country is due to be refurbished.

The project "SOL - Solar Energy for Multi-Family Buildings in Lithuania" kicked off in September 2018 in Berlin and strives to contribute to increasing the use and share of renewable energies in buildings in the country. To start with, a detailed analysis of the potential to use solar energy will be carried out. At the same time, the project makes sure to involve and engage all major stakeholders in the fields of buildings und renewable energies in Lithuania on a longterm basis.

SOL will help to gain insight regarding the fields in which the best use of solar energy (e.g. photovoltaics and solar thermal energy) can be made in Lithuanian residential buildings. The analysis and description of social and technical challenges to be met when introducing and scaling up solar energy during the refurbishment of residential buildings in Lithuania is at the heart of the project. During the project, residents, home owners and other relevant stakeholders are provided with information on the opportunities implied in the use of solar energy as well as on how necessary changes can be brought about at the political and legislative level.

The Alliance of Lithuanian Consumer Organisations (LVOA), the Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies (PROTECH) and Steinbeis-Innovationszentrum energie+ partnered with IWO in the SOL action.



Knut Höller
phone +49 30 20 67 98 02

Inga Rovbutas
phone +49 30 20 67 98 02

Project duration

September 2018 - April 2019


supported by


The SOL action uses synergies and the exchange with the parallel project Training of Managers for Urban Redevelopment in Lithuania which is also funded by EUKI and has been running since November 2017.

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