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Our members are the breath of the association. Their expertise, experience, ideas and contacts are the starting point for many our activities and projects. We are in regular contact with IWO members, keep them informed about projects and events and are always available to provide linguistic, market- and country-related support.

In the case of project developments, we give priority to our member for possible cooperatio and involvement. At our events in Germany and abroad, there is always a place available for our members.

Become a full member.

As a full member, you support IWO with an annual financial contribution and your active participation in the work of the association. Of course you will be invited to the annual general meetings and are entitled to vote there.


Your contribution

You can set your annual membership fee, the minimum fee is 250 EUR per year. Your contribution enables the association to function in accordance with our statutes and confirms our commitment. In addition, we would be pleased to receive any support at your discretion or at the discretion of your company, for example by providing premises or work tools if required. Inform your network and other stakeholders about our association and its work.


What we do

We will use every cent transparently and specifically in accordance with the statutes and the purpose of the association.

As a full and thus voting member, you will receive a comprehensive report on the financial and project situation and the use of all income every year at the general meeting. You are welcome to use this opportunity to make your own suggestions for the work of the association.


Become a sustaining member.

As a sustaining member, you can support us with a financial contribution of your discretion, or you can support us ideally or infrastructural. Of course, you will be invited to the annual general meetings, however, a right to vote is not connected with the sustaining membership.


Your contribution

For example, we are happy about every opportunity to be mentioned in your media or on your websites or to publish contributions and project results there. Also, if you provide us with rooms or services free of charge or at a reduced price, this is a great help for our work. We would be pleased if you would mention and present our work and topics to third parties and promote our commitment in Eastern Europe.


What we do

Of course you will be invited to the annual general meetings. As a sustaining member, however, you are not entitled to vote.

We create visibility for you or your company within the framework of our projects, media and events. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the region and local markets, possible contacts or our topics.