About us

Holistic and integrated project work and networking.

The need for action in the housing and building sectors in Eastern Europe is addressed as integrated and holistically as possible in our project activities and in the formation of networks.

We have recognised that a large number of countries in the region cannot meet the global and European climate protection and sustainability targets on their own: joint strategic efforts and activities for more exchange, better mutual understanding and scalable pilot projects are absolutely necessary.

Against the background of global challenges and objectives, networking with stakeholders, decision-makers and organisers in relevant areas, in Germany, Eastern Europe and the EU, is indispensable and the basis for action for us.


Our association was founded in 2001 in Berlin on the initiative of the then Federal Ministry of Construction and has since then pursued exclusively and directly non-profit goals. In accordance with our statutes and our previous project work, we feel committed to the central agreements at global and European level.