Support IWO

...because it is obvious.

Support us and participate in the social and climate-relevant benefits and added value of our work: Show your commitment in an area that not only sets the course for the future of a sustainable and climate-friendly society and economy in Eastern Europe, but also has global relevance. Even if the projects and work of IWO do not directly result in business and orders for companies, with your participation and support you contribute to decisive market developments and future changes for society and economy in Eastern Europe.

Contribute to the transformation of the housing sector and housing management as well as to the improvement of housing and living conditions in Eastern Europe.



Holistic & systemic


You may support IWO's work and tasks in many ways. In particular, working and exchanging with representatives from all disciplines, sectors and organizations relevant to our work and to the implementation of projects are of great added value to our work.

Expertise, professional advice and the cost-reduced or free transfer of existing infrastructure that can serve and support our work are just as valuable contributions as financial support through membership or donations.


Your input

You acknowledge the responsibility and charitable work of IWO - with your membership fee or your donation, or by contributing your professional experience and support as required and according to occasion and demands, or by making rooms and technical equipment available, for example.


What we do

With your support and your contribution, be it financial, organisational or technical, you empower us to fulfill our tasks and our work in the quality and wholeness that is our claim.