Knowledge transfer

Demand-oriented & systemic

We enable knowledge transfer in both directions: From Western to Eastern Europe, but also vice versa. We make use of our linguistic and intercultural competencies.

Together with competent specialist partners, we prepare knowledge, experience and good practices and organise the appropriate mediation and transfer by means of various formats: seminars, study trips, training projects, conferences and much more.

We are aware that there is no "one fits all" solution, and that instead, the specific consulting and action needs of our partners in the target region must be the focus.


Target groups

Our activities in the area of knowledge transfer address as many stakeholders as possible. These include - depending on the project and thematic focus - representatives at national or regional political level as well as from business, small, medium-sized and large companies, civil society organisations, professional associations or even committed apartment owners.

  • Nationally and regionally responsible staff in administrations and public bodies (mainly municipalities, ministries, government agencies and institutions)
  • relevant representatives from educational institutions and research
  • Engineering offices, architects, planners
  • Home owners / home owner associations (HOA, German: WEG)
  • Management companies (public/private)
  • further target groups depending on project and topic focus


Our work in the area of knowledge transfer serves the purpose to

  • build local expertise and empower stakeholders and target groups
  • raise the awareness of local actors with regard to relevant issues and interrelationships, for example in the development of sustainable concepts, solutions in the field of housing and urban development, and to be able to adapt these to regional, socio-structural conditions
  • use project results and findings to influence and inform legal and political-strategic developments.

Our approach

We take a systemic and sustainable approach and build all necessary work steps on each other. For a well-founded project preparation and a smooth and successful project management,

  • we analyse the initial situation and need for action in dialogue with local partners
  • we identify, plan and design the appropriate procedure/s
  • we realise and accompany all measures and
  • we ensure the successful completion of the measures and the project as well as a follow-up of the results and findings.

If possible, we initiate follow-up activities at an early stage to ensure the sustainable use of project results and the continuation and consolidation of successful measures.

What we achieve

The aim of our projects in the area of knowledge transfer is to bring about changes and offers that are as sustainable and comprehensive as possible and that contribute to improving climate protection management, energy efficiency and housing conditions in the respective project countries.


  • We prepare recommendations for the development/adjustment of political, legal and regulatory frameworks as well as strategy proposals based on the project work to local and national politics.
  • We form local networks and cooperation beyond project duration.
  • We develop concepts for various fields of action taking into account local conditions, e.g. for integrated urban or neighbourhood redevelopment, refurbishment plans for residential buildings, catalogues of measures.
  • We draft and provide curricula and training documents for further education and vocational training.