At political & civil society levels

We connect deciders and stakeholders from the fields of housing and urban development within and outside our projects and across regional borders, as well as in the established International Association for Real Estate Management IVIM based in Minsk - an sector association that IWO co-founded in 2011 and continues to actively support today.

The network as well as the political and professional contacts that IWO has been building up since its founding in 2001, especially in the countries of Eastern Europe and increasingly in Central and Western Europe, make our work possible with the quality and scope that is our claim. Our network includes political and business representatives as well as civil society organisations, universities and practitioners of relevant disciplines and is the starting point for the interdisciplinary dialogue of stakeholders. The development and implementation of our activities benefits from the fact that we specifically bring together bi- and multilateral partnerships that are technically appropriate to serve the respective project object.

Keeping in dialogue...

In Germany and in the countries of the Eastern and Central European region, IWO is in constant exchange with important stakeholders, especially with political, state, private and social representatives from the relevant sectors - real estate management and building-related services, ministries, urban planning and development, construction and energy industry, research & development, non-governmental organisations, homeowners...

... for our goals

Our work in the area of networking serves the purpose to

  • form and consolidate bi- and multilateral networks and forums on the topics of our work,

  • connect relevant stakeholders and experts in the relevant areas and disciplines and build long-term relationships.

  • create the basis and contacts for bilateral and multilateral activities and projects that benefit the development of the region in the fields of climate protection, energy efficiency, sustainability and improvement of the quality of life.

Our approach

We take a systemic and holistic approach and build all the necessary work steps on each other. For a well-founded project preparation and a smooth and successful project management

  • we analyse the initial situation and need for action in dialogue with local partners,
  • we identify, plan and design the appropriate procedure,
  • we realise and accompany all measures and
  • we ensure the successful completion of measures and the project as well as a follow-up of the results and findings.

If possible, we initiate follow-up activities at an early stage to ensure the sustainable use of project results and the continuation and consolidation of successful measures.

What we achieve

The aim of our networking projects is to create awareness and acceptance of the issues of climate and environmental protection, energy efficiency and decarbonisation, and a resource-efficient construction and housing industry among all players and decision-makers - in Eastern Europe as well as in Western Europe. An important prerequisite for this is mutual understanding as well as professional rapprochement and discussion across national and regional borders.


  • Development and support of association structures and civil society organisations in the project countries
  • Multilateral, strong consortia for well thought-out and successful project proposals
  • Tracking and anticipating important issues and trends
  • Demand-oriented project ideas, participation in or initiation of targeted project partnerships


It is important to us to keep our finger on the pulse of the current discourse on housing, construction and urban development. We organise our own events or formats and visit those of third parties and fellow campaigners. We also participate actively and on a long-term basis in expert and thematic working groups maintained by European networks, for example.