IWO's Network & Experts


Platform for a professional network of stakeholders and experts

Both, IWO's project work and networking, rely on approaches that are as holistic as possible, involving all relevant sectors and stakeholders: By connecting and coordinating different actors from different sectors and economic areas, we can pool the experience of the parties involved and thus develop integrated projects and activities. This way, we achieve ...


  • a targeted and demand-oriented transfer of knowledge and experience
  • the development and implementation of projects and programmes in the housing and construction sector and in the field of integrated urban development in Eastern Europe
  • comprehensive solutions for various challenges under consideration of environmental, financial, economic, technical and social aspects.


In the course of its project work since IWO's foundation in 2001, the initiative has built up a reliable and grown network of important stakeholders and experts in Germany and abroad, and is constantly expanding it through ongoing activities that are as long-term and sustainable as possible.



Strong base...

Of particular importance for our work and for project development are our committed members, who come from very different areas and disciplines and who are engaged in the fields of climate protection, energy efficiency and better living and housing in Eastern Europe. Learn more about IWO's Members and Board .

... for strong commitment

Besides IWO's engagement as a member or partner in other networks, we also work together with further relevant organisations and institutions to pursue joint goals and share experiences.